Friday, September 22, 2017

7QT: A Tree, A Warranty & Pornography

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I've mentioned it before, but when I go for a run alone I call on my Guardian Angel to make himself really big and powerful and run alongside me, protecting me from any bad guys.  (I love my GA so much, I hope you all remember you have one with you always!)  Anyway, yesterday after two rainy days and a forecast of rain for the following day, I really wanted to take the chance to run outside.  But it was windy...however, what harm can wind do besides mess up my hair?  I secured my ponytail and headed out.  About two miles in, a tree branch swooped down and almost hit me.  Phew!  I paused for a sec and thanked my GA for helping me avoid that!  At mile 4.5, a branch fell from a tree  Thanks again, GA!  If I hadn't paused from that first near hit, I probably would have been hit by the second branch.  I was contemplating God's timing and His love for me (seriously running is a form of prayer for me) and being so thankful that I was kept safe but decided to head back lest I test my luck.  As soon as I turned onto the next street, I see a man and woman getting out of their van.  The woman is checking out the hood of her car, and the man is turned around taking a photo of this:

I stopped and asked if they were ok, and they said "Yes, but that tree just fell on our car!"  Luckily they were on the other side of the street and only the tip of the tree hit them, not the trunk.  "You just missed it" the guy called out to me, "lucky you!".  Lucky me indeed, because I was on the sidewalk next to wear the tree was planted, and if I had arrived a minute or two earlier, that tree and I would have collided.  It left me a little jittery and I ran home faster than ever.  So the moral of the story is...don't leave home without your GA or on a windy day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Guarding Our Kids' Eyes

Some time last year, Phil discovered that one of our boys had completed a search on his iPad for an inappropriate word that he had heard.  He didn't know what the word meant, but knew it was inappropriate from the tone of the conversation, and so wanted to look it up less he feel stupid.  When Phil discovered this by looking at his search history, we both kinda freaked out but had the good sense to remain level-headed when approaching our son.  Truth be told, I let Phil take this task for the team!  Phil talked to him and found out that he hadn't known what people were talking about, was too embarrassed to ask us because he knew it was bad, and as soon as he saw what it was he said he felt gross and turned off the iPad right away.  Phil was super calm and understanding and just explained that we have to be careful what we view online because there are bad things and bad people out there and certain images can get stuck in our head and mess with us.  The boy understood and was embarrassed but thankful to be caught because it had been weighing on him.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Theme Parks and God's Generosity

Not too far from our house, we have a little amusement park that has grown so much since the last time we went, 9 whole years ago!  Edaville Family Theme Park is definitely geared towards little kids, but they are expanding to include a water ride and bumper boats for the older crew.  We seriously had so much fun taking Maggie, Xander, Declan, and Brendan on Sunday.

While you look at these Edaville photos, let me tell you a story about God's generosity...

Monday, September 11, 2017

Dude Perfect was Perfection

Right around this time last year, Andrew and Eamon heard about Dude Perfect and immediately became obsessed.  

They asked for tshirts for their birthday and Dude Perfect toys for Christmas.  They watched every single Dude Perfect video on youtube during their precious screen time.  They read everything they could about them, and were very impressed that they seemed like nice, funny, Christian family guys.  So were we.  The boys started making up trick shots of their own and getting ideas together to make their own videos (like every other boy in love with Dude Perfect, I'm sure!) and Dude Perfect has just been so entrenched in our lives.  They can't wait for new videos to come out like we used to struggle to wait a week between Full House episodes.  Andrew even wrote them a fan letter this summer...only to have it returned because of a bad address :(